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Welcome to the Poplar Creek Public Library District. Whether you visit online or in person at the Main Library and the Branch, we are here to provide the very best library service possible.

The Library Board of Trustees is responsible to the public to see that the Library is operated in an efficient and productive manner. This operation is under the administrative guidance of the director who is hired by the Board. The Board expresses its views in the policies which it adopts. The Library Board represents the citizen’s interests in an ethical manner, promoting the highest level of library service appropriate to the community.

The public is welcome to attend Library Board Meetings, which are generally held the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. We strive to make our day-to-day operations as transparent as possible by posting agendas, meeting minutes and financial documents for review.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed by any staff member, by phone 630-483-4917, or contact us directly using the links provided below.

Mary A. Prosser

Vice President & Treasurer
Candace McCreary

Eva Porter

Sherri Harry
Bonnie Hulke
Ann Kennedy
Asad Khan

Executive Director
Debra Stombres

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