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Required Reading Reminder

Every summer many schools require teens to read certain books in preparation for the new school year. These books are in high demand at the library and can be difficult to get. Teens should not wait until August to start the assignment because the book might not be available. Teens should therefore reserve their books early!

Super Smash Brothers Tournament on Wii U Saturday 4-2-16

Practicing before the tournament.        Round 1 begins.

DSCN0323 640x480    DSCN0325 640x480

Round 2 begins.                               Round 3 begins.

DSCN0326 640x480  DSCN0329 640x480

Round 3.                                         Round 4 begins.

DSCN0330 640x480  DSCN0334 640x480

The finals with the top four players playing for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place.

DSCN0335 640x480  DSCN0336 640x480

The winners:

Humberto, Uriel, Saul, and Angel.       The Yu sisters helping us keep score.

DSCN0338 640x480  DSCN0328 640x480