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Required Reading Reminder

Every summer many schools require teens to read certain books in preparation for the new school year. These books are in high demand at the library and can be difficult to get. Teens should not wait until August to start the assignment because the book might not be available. Teens should therefore reserve their books early!

Thanks to our 38 teen volunteers who donated 398 hours of their time over the 2015 summer.  Remember to pick up your certificates and appreciation gifts in YA any time the library is open. 

The Young Adult Department at Poplar Creek Public Library would like to extend a big thank you to Steve G., Brian Yu, and Brandon Yu for all of their help with the Super Smash Brothers Brawl Tournaments.  Thanks also goes out to Christina G., Gina K., the Yu sisters, Gerald, and Uriel for their help as well.  Honorable mention goes to Sir Nick’s Pizza for helping out with the pizza for the tournaments.


Thank you to our twelve volunteers who helped make our Smash Brothers Tournament on December 27th, 2014 a success. 

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